Video Clips of Drama in Action
Here are links to both a selection of videos documenting my work and to a series of other sites that offer more in-depth information and examples of programs, projects and ongoing endeavors.  Enjoy!

Engaging young English Language Learners through drama
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Integrating Drama, a collection of videos demonstrating effective ways to incorporate drama into the classroom: Click Here (inactive)

JNJIE Performances devised and staged with members of a youth organization in the Marshall Islands: Click Here

Kelin in India, examples of theatre and education work across India: Click Here

Theatrefest, a project of HTY featuring original plays by young playwrights performed by teen-aged actors: Click Here

Kelin Storytelling, my own storytelling performances: Click Here

Additional video clips of my teaching work can be seen at the PREL (Pacific Resources for Education and Learning) website: Click Here.

In Our Own Words: Drama with Young English Language Learners
An introduction to the In Our Own Words project which through which mixed proficiency English Language Learners engaged in playbuilding to: a) increase facility with communication skills; b) develop capacity for cooperative learning and risk-taking; c) increase understanding of theatre as an effective medium for communicating ideas; and d) develop ability to dramatize stories. Both student quotes and research

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The December 7, 1941 Project documentary
The December 7, 1941 Project: A documentary of an oral history project conducted by HTY at Wahiawa Elementary school. 4th and 5th grade students conducted interviews with local residents who were children the morning of Dec. 7 and then created performances of the stories they collected.  The documentary traces the entire project.

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Island Spirit, Island Song: The EPIC Project
Island Spirit, Island Song: The EPIC Project. A performance project featuring Hawaii teens of Chuukese and Marshallese ethnicity, a few of whom were deaf as well.  The stories, songs and dances are from those two cultures.

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Faking Death for Love
Faking Death for Love. A devised commedia play, created and performed by Downtown College Prep students, San Jose. Part of my Montalvo Teaching Artist fellowship.

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Creative Collaborations on Maui
Creative Collaborations on Maui. Using Drama as a teaching tool in the inclusion classroom. Maui Arts & Cultural Center collaborations from August through November 2012.

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Drama Based Instruction: UT-Austin
Drama-Based Instruction. A series of videos produced by the Drama for Schools program at UT-Austin presenting a range of approaches and strategies for integrating drama work in the classroom.

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"Drama gives me the chance to work with different people. I built social skills throughout the process. I ended up analyzing more than I ever did and this has helped me to use the same method especially in my literary class, like English and Social Studies […] Drama class is different from regular class because we’re able to express our thoughts and emotions not on paper but by using our bodies with full range of motion.” 

11th grade student