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Art and Behavior Psychology
July 18, 2015
I flung the incentive out to our trainees.  If we could all stay focused on the task of the day—rehearsing all of our songs and short performances—we could finish the day early.  For me, this was an unprecedented incentive.  In fact, I am not sure that I’ve ever ended a day early out here, mostly because there are always challenges of some sort that get in the way.  But it seemed worth the attempt.  Afternoons, the stifling hot afternoons of 35 people simultaneously rehearsing in a wooden box with a tin roof, sun hammering away at us, feel brutal.  Focus
I Have an Idiom
July 13, 2015
I sat at the back of the tin-roofed community room, a stiflingly hot building in which we were conducting our youth-oriented training.
A Tale that Perspires
July 7, 2015
I resisted writing a follow-up to my last blog.  It ended as the electricity in my apartment, and mine alone, went out.  It made for a brutal night of a stiflingly hot sleep.  I was, at times, slick with sweat.  A bed soaked by my perspiration.  I would lay still and snooze long enough to ‘dry out’ for a period, but upon waking to gulp some badly need water, my body’s waterworks would begin again.  The morning ‘shower’ was a trickle of water that took time to fill a small tub so I could bucket bath it.  The heat, however, did not allow me to dry.  I left
I am, most decidedly, back
July 5, 2015
As I walked to the waiting area for my morning flight, I glanced into the gate area where I first left for the Marshall Islands in 1990.  Several memories flickered through my imagination. The tall Marshallese gentleman must have read some nervousness in my demeanor which prompted him to ask me if it was my first trip to Majuro.  When I confirmed his guess, we got to chatting about my reason for the visit. He was very encouraging about my journey, which helped relax me as I faced one of my first international adventures.
The Laugh Factor (in perfect harmony)
August 11, 2014
Boom. The class erupts.  Boom. The class erupts again. Boom, the class reverberates as the sound bounces from individual to individual, the reverberations feeding off and into each other.  What ignites this massive sound is a very simple action.  Just a twist, turn or wiggle of the body.  As the class of teaching students and I dive into simple drama activities, whenever abrupt or wild movement is called for, the class booms in laughter.  
What the Teachers do to Me, or, Why work in Places no one Knows?
August 9, 2014
I am in the midst of day two of a course for classroom teachers in American Samoa through the University of Hawaii.  Day two for me, but the beginning of the third week for the teachers. Yes, you read that right, I completely missed the first two weeks because I committed myself to programs in other parts of the world at the same time.  However, that makes for a different story. In this tale, I focus on the brief and amazing journey of local teachers who, like me, become engaged in a new world that opens up all sorts of transformational experiences. 
Hear Now
July 24, 2014
On any given morning, a crowd of sounds permeates the school campus. AS the sky flickers into light, a competition between wind and birds proceeds. The wind blusters, hard, at times grabbing focus and obliterating all other sound of the moment. But it cannot sustain itself and as the wind retreats, assumably to gather its own breath, the varied twitterings, tweets, cries and calls of the multi-cultural population of birds, co-opts the airwaves. Small hums, sharp cries, a yelp or two, tiny tweets and rolled whistles bounce back and forth. The crows work hard to dominate.
A peacock, a drone and a whole lot of people
July 16, 2014
Guru Purnima. The celebration of the first yogi.  Despite the holiday, I still taught two classes.
Little Moments of Joy
July 14, 2014
Humans respect fame.  With wide-eyed awe, wonder or even love we approach those who have achieved fame of any sort, slightly jealous and a bit touched that they allow us to share a moment with them, almost as if fame is a contagious disease that we might be lucky enough to catch. For some of us, we pursue fame as the antidote to our woes. ‘If I were rich…’, ‘If I were powerful…’, ‘If I were talented…’  
A Remembering to be Remembered
July 12, 2014
The artistic director of the Aazhi Children’s Theatre Group conducted a week long residency at the ISHA Home School in the South Indian city of Coimbatore.