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The first 72: Return to India!
July 10, 2012
I am not quite sure, as I write this, when I will actually have the chance to post it. However, the first 72 hours in India already reaffirmed what entices me back.  After about two days of traveling from Honolulu to Kolkata, I arrived in the town of Shantipur (where I will be staying during this trip) at about 5 am on Thursday.  Dropped off at a local hotel which I stayed in the last time I visited this town, I had the chance to take a rest and get a shower.  At 10 am I was picked up again.
ELL Drama at Kealakehe School
December 9, 2011
Tonight reaffirmed why I am a teaching artist. During the day, my three ELL drama classes culminated in performances for their classes.  The students grabbed control of the work, enjoying themselves and exciting their classmates. Then they were invited to perform at ELL Multicultural Night. Some could come, some not. At 6 pm, their time arrived. The 1st and 2nd grade drama group had but a third of the class there. in a matter of moments, the students stepped into other roles and wonderfully played parts they had never done before. They needed not a jot of help. My inspiration.
24 hours in Pohnpei, Or, I hadn’t meant to the blog about this day, but it was just too Pacific Island
July 18, 2011
24 hours in Pohnpei, Or, I hadn’t meant to the blog about this day, but it was just too Pacific Island
July 18, 2011
Young English Language Learners - performance poem
July 1, 2011
A brief video clip of a class of young ELLs sharing a performance poem.  Click here
Now in residence at The Hermitage Artist Retreat
December 13, 2010
My vacation this year is being spent at The Hermitage Artist Retreat in south west Florida, right on the Gulf of Mexico (which I am staring at even as I write this sentence).  Two weeks of privacy in order to write.  Check it out at
Four Letters that Define a Place of Comfort
October 25, 2010
On my final day visiting one of my project schools, I stopped in to see a couple of the staff to bid farewell. One man, whom I first met five years ago, asked the question that many have asked over the past week or so: ‘When are you coming back?’  I have no real answer for that question at present, and have stumbled through many answers.  However, it was his answer that was more telling than anything I said at the moment, ‘You have to come back this is like your second home.’  He laughed. I smiled.
Shanghaied…or blessed?
October 22, 2010
Bhubaneswar bills itself as the City of Temples.  So my hosts took me on a brief tour of some well-known landmarks.  As evening set in on that day, we stopped by temple atop a small hill.  Rain spit, darkness crawled over us and the configuration of the temple made it hard to see up to the platform.  My host stayed by the car as I took to the steps.  As I passed through the metal gate, a monk/priest suddenly appeared, joyful to see me and gesturing that I remove my shoes.  He whisked me to a shrine and shaped my hands into prayer gestures and proceeded to chant
How far might you travel to see a performance?
October 17, 2010
A couple of month’s back I made contact with the director of a socially-based theatre company located in Orissa.  Through e-mail, we discussed the possibility of me visiting his group and facility.  On Oct.
October 10, 2010
My sandals have endured the rain and its puddles far more often than I would like.  No matter where I seem to set them, when it rains, they get significantly wet, such that the next day they are still not fully dry.  In Thanjavur I faced a terrific rainstorm as I made my way to the hotel one early evening.  Traversing two streets, a bus station and a main thoroughfare, I did fairly well avoiding any large pooling of water.  A half a block from the hotel, I wiggled my way through a few street vendors to end up at a curb facing an enormous gathering of rain water.  This