Latest News/Ongoing Projects
Kerala by Boat
May 21, 2010
I begin this in the rain.  Monsoon season is creeping up on us.  Actually, falling down on us.  I am sitting on a house boat, moored alongside a light pink, cement house for the night.  We spent about 4 hours tootling up and down canal ways that cut between massive rice fields, walled off from one another to allow for water travel in the backwaters.  This house boat is my hotel for the day and night.  Aside from my mother, there are three others on the boat—all of whom operate it for us.  We have a few meals on board as we lazily traverse the waters, passing
Visiting Mahabalipuram - go ahead, google it
May 14, 2010
On arrival to Mahabalipuram, we were meet by a one-armed monkey.  He (or she) didn’t say why the one-armedness, so I had to do some supposing.  Maybe an accident? (Cars drive quickly here.) A fight?
India - my second week
May 9, 2010
Inbetween bouts of applying for a bank account—which has included turning in the same set of forms 3 times—I have set up a local cell phone, registered with immigration and struggled with setting up mobile internet service.  Truthfully, immigration isn’t quite over as I need to return and get a stamp.  I am not sure if it is for approval, recognition, my protection or India’s.  No one said anything at the immigration office.  There I waited behind a Chinese tour guide (my assumption) as he registered a whole phone book’s worth of people.  When I got to the man at the d
Now in India - May 4 2010
May 4, 2010
For those in the know, my trip was delayed because of a long VISA approval process and then my flight just barely missed the volcanic ash over Europe.  Despite all that, I am here, mostly settled in and slowly getting my mind around being here for six months. Although it seems a long stay, already I feel like there is plenty to keep me busy.
Brief Video Documentary of Teaching in India
February 2, 2010
In Nov 2006 I visited India on a small fellowship.  Click Here for a brief video highlighting the work I did there. Enjoy.
2009 Fulbright Project
November 29, 2009
2009 Fulbright Nehru Senior Research Scholar in Education.  Heading to Chennai, India in March 2010 for six months to implement a project entitled, "Animating Mythological Histories: Investigating a Drama-based Pedagogy."  More information to follow as the time approaches.